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Issues Facing Our Churches Today

In Bible/Theology, Blog by FOI Radio0 Comments

As a person who loves the church and has been privileged to minister in numerous local churches for more than four decades, I have a deep concern regarding the directions that many churches are going today. I am convinced the most critical issues confronting churches are these: What should be …

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Longevity of Life: Isaiah 65:20

In Bible/Theology, Blog by David Levy2 Comments

Exponential Technology is advancing the theory that longevity of life will soon be expanded far beyond the imagination of man.  Many are predicting there may be no need in going to an assisted living home as one ages, because most people will not die from a major disease.  What they …

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From Where Does Your Mom-Strength Come?

In Blog, Devotional by Karen Katulka7 Comments

The other day I saw a video of a woman who looked to be nine months pregnant dead-lifting heavy weights and running up and down hills without tumbling over (like I would). Clearly she stayed fiercely dedicated to exercising throughout her entire pregnancy. I had to laugh, because currently at …

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Secure in Christ

In Blog, Devotional by David Levy6 Comments

Lina Sandell Berg was no stranger to affliction. At the tender age of 12, she lay stricken with a paralysis that confined her to bed. Although physicians had all but given up, God restored her to complete health one Sunday after a time of prayer. Fourteen years later, Lina watched …

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It’s the Little Things

In Blog, Devotional by Becky Meissner0 Comments

It’s smiling at sales clerks and thanking them by name (if they are wearing a name tag). It’s asking a waitress how you can pray for her. It’s sewing a button on an elderly friend’s shirt, because his hands shake too much to do it himself. It’s fixing an elderly …

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The Remedy: A Devotion on Isaiah 53:5

In Blog, Devotional by Chris Katulka0 Comments

I don’t know what it is about soup, but when I get sick I lose my appetite for most things––except a bowl of hot soup, preferably chicken noodle. Maybe it’s the hot chicken broth that helps my throat. It just seems to be a go-to remedy when I need some momentary …

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The Passover

In Blog, Jewish Culture and Customs by David Levy8 Comments

Christians often ask, “Can you explain the Jewish Passover to me?” For 3,400 years, Jewish people have kept the Passover (Pesach) according to the commandment of God in remembrance of their deliverance from Egyptian slavery and captivity (Exodus 12:14). The book of Exodus explains the story of Passover. The original …