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Issues Facing Our Churches Today

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As a person who loves the church and has been privileged to minister in numerous local churches for more than four decades, I have a deep concern regarding the directions that many churches are going today. I am convinced the most critical issues confronting churches are these: What should be …

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Longevity of Life: Isaiah 65:20

In Bible/Theology, Blog by David Levy2 Comments

Exponential Technology is advancing the theory that longevity of life will soon be expanded far beyond the imagination of man.  Many are predicting there may be no need in going to an assisted living home as one ages, because most people will not die from a major disease.  What they …

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In Bible/Theology, Blog by Ty Perry14 Comments

During one of my trips to Israel, as I was looking around the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, I noticed a peculiar mural on one of the walls. Though dimly lit, I could just make out the ancient image of Jesus stretched out on the cross, the man who crucified him sitting by His head.