September 26, 2015 | #1539—Interview: Asa Kasher

Interview—Asa Kasher

Asa Kasher (Hebrew: אסא כשר‎, born on June 6, 1940) is an Israeli philosopher working as a Professor at Tel Aviv University and at Shalem College, Israel. He is noted for authorship of Israel Defense Forces’s Code of Conduct. He won the Israel Prize in 2000 for his contributions to philosophy. His recent books include Military Ethics, Judaism and Idolatry, and A Small Book on the Meaning of Life (all in Hebrew).

Join us for this insightful discussion on ethics in war and how the IDF balances the responsibility of self-defense with the duty to respect human dignity.

Read The Ethics of Protective Edge by Professor Kasher at the Jewish Review of Books.

AskFOI— The Feast of Tabernacles: Celebrating God for His faithfulness, His forgiveness, and His presence (@13:16)

“So on this Jewish holiday… even though you may not build a booth for your family… take some time this week to remember God’s faithfulness to you in how He’s been faithful to bring you to this very place at this very time. Remember God’s goodness in that he sent His son Jesus, who died for us, so that if we believe in Him we might receive God’s eternal, never ending forgiveness.

Listen to this segment @ 13:16.


Produced by Andre’ Djaoui

This captivating film is a new look at Israel and its rapid population growth to over 7,000,000 people-atypical for a developed country. God made a covenant with Abraham promising to make his descendants into a great nation. Israel, My Home is a preview of what could be the fulfillment of that covenant.

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Apples of Gold–”You have never seen the light” (@19:07)

“I responded, “How long will you continue in darkness? Do you want future generations to live in darkness also? I have told you the truth, and now you must tell your pupils. Remember that Moses went to Pharaoh, even though he was afraid, because the Lord promised to go with him.”

“He was close to crying and wanted to hear more. I pleaded, “My dear friend, leave all this darkness behind you and let us walk together in the light of the Lord Jesus, who died for you.”


The Friends of Israel Today and Apples of Gold theme music was composed and performed by Jeremy Strong.

Also heard on this weeks show:

»Convalescence I: Walk Again (Anima) / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Available on the Free Music Archive.

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