October 8, 2016 | #1641—The Gospels Speak to Everyone: Matthew


This week we start a new series called, “The Gospels Speak to Everyone.” Did you ever wonder why there are four gospels? Many of the stories found in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John repeat themselves. Each speaks to a different audience and conveys an aspect of truth about Jesus the other gospels don’t. Chris will look at each gospel over the next four weeks and will examine who the gospels were written to and why they were written to begin with. What we’ll see by the end of the series is this: the beauty of the four gospels is that even though they were written for specific groups for specific reasons, when we put them all together the message of Jesus in the gospels speaks to everyone.

The Feasts of Israel

by Bruce Scott

How can you know the fullness of Jesus unless you study the Old Testament pictures of Christ? Dig into the major and minor Jewish feasts and festivals. Discover that much of what Jesus said and did—which sometimes seems mysterious to us—suddenly makes complete sense when we understand the rich symbolism behind the holidays and feasts of ancient Israel. See the intricate, spiritual tapestry woven by the hand of God, a tapestry illustrating the marvelous plan of salvation that He has designed.



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The Yom Kippur War Spy

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, Jewish people all around the world will honor the high holy day of Yom Kippur, which is known as the Day of Atonement. This is the day when God forgave the sins of the nation of Israel according to Leviticus 16. Jewish people go to synagogue, repent and confess their sins to God and to others, and simply ask for forgiveness.

The nation of Israel has fought many battles over the years, but one of the scariest of them all started on Yom Kippur in 1973. Listen and hear about a story where God sent a most interesting messenger to aid Israel during the Yom Kippur war.

Apples of Gold: Out of Zion Shall Go Forth the Law

Proverbs 19:21 says, “There are many plans in a man’s heart, nevertheless the Lord’s counsel — that will stand.”

Zvi recently took his wife to the hospital for treatment of an eye condition. He planned to be there for an hour and then go to his neighbor’s home to make some electrical repairs. However, the Lord had other plans.

Check out this dramatic reading from the life of Holocaust survivor and believer in Jesus, Zvi Kalisher, to find out what happened.


The Friends of Israel Today and Apples of Gold theme music was composed and performed by Jeremy Strong.

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