October 22, 2016 | #1643—The Gospels Speak to Everyone: Luke

The Gospels Speak to Everyone

The gospels really do speak to everyone. Each of the four gospels give four unique perspectives of who Jesus is, and that He came for all.  In the first week of the series we learned how Matthew spoke to the Jewish people. Then in week two, Mark wrote to the Romans. Now we see how Luke, the only Gentile gospel writer, focused on the Gentiles.

Understand the tension between the Jewish people and Gentiles. God worked exclusively through the Jewish people for millennia, now he was offering salvation to everyone. See how Luke uniquely includes the Gentiles in telling his account of Jesus here on earth. We should take great comfort in the beautiful work of our God that He proclaimed through Luke’s writing that Jesus came for all to have eternal life.

If you missed part one or two of our series, you can listen here.

The Gospel In The Feasts of Israel

by Victor Buksbazen

We are in the middle of the fall Jewish holiday season and what better book to pair with what Chris is teaching in our series on the gospels than The Gospel in the Feasts of Israel. Learn how the ancient feasts interact with and illuminate the teachings of Jesus, the writings of the New Testament, and the message of the gospel. The author, former executive director of The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Dr. Victor Buksbazen was a brilliant scholar who easily communicated his intimate understanding of the Holy Scriptures, Judaic studies, and the original languages of the biblical text.


Simchat Torah

The Jewish people love to celebrate! And the last of the Jewish fall feasts they get to party, but with a purpose. Simchat Torah means, Rejoicing in the Law. This is a celebration of the Torah reading (Genesis through Deuteronomy). Learn where this feast came from and how it is celebrated in the Synagogue. Chris will show us as believers in Jesus how we too should be living a life full of joy and delight in God’s Word.

Apples of Gold: We have the same redeemer

Rejected. After Zvi told his uncle and aunt that he had received the Lord as his Savior, they told him they never wanted to see him again. Throughout the years Zvi tried to reach out to his family, but they refused communication. When he showed up at their house they even threatened to call the police. Zvi prayed earnestly for their reconciliation and salvation. Years later, God answered his prayers with a knock at the door.

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The Friends of Israel Today and Apples of Gold theme music was composed and performed by Jeremy Strong.

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»Jesus Paid it all (Jeremy Strong)
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