November 12, 2016 | #1646—Andy Cook: Experience Israel Now

Interview: Andy Cook

andy-cookIn Matthew 16:13 it says, When Jesus came into the region of Caesarea Philippi. This was Matthew setting the scene for the story he was about to tell. Jesus and the disciples were standing in an area known to those living in Israel as a place of pagan worship. It was also where the Jordan River began. And as Jesus stood there talking to His disciples, where many other gods were believed to dwell, Jesus asked His disciples who they thought He was. When we understand the context of a story we stop looking at the world around us and understand the world around the author!

Pastor Andy Cook from Experience Israel Now joins the program today and explains how there are secrets hidden in plain sight in the land of the Bible. Knowing only a small percentage of people will be able to visit Israel, Pastor Andy takes the land of the Bible to the church!

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Secrets from Ancient Paths

by Andy Cook

In Andy Cook’s book, Secrets from Ancient Paths you’ll travel around Israel gaining insights into Scripture by experiencing the land of the Bible. This collection of short stories, wrapped around beautiful color photos of the Holy Land will open your eyes to geographical places in the Bible in a new way. This book would make an excellent family devotional or a gift for friends.


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Israel Demining in the Golan Heights

Have you ever been hiking and you decide to go off the trail a little to see a better view? In 1984 an American exchange student did this in Israel and stepped directly on a live landmine. Thankfully the student survived but it opened many people’s eyes to the reality of the hundreds of landmines believed to be left behind by the Syrians between the 1950s and 1960s in the Golan Heights. You would think this tragic accident would push the Israeli government to take immediate action. It didn’t, but eventually something else did. Chris tells the story.

Apples of Gold: We Want to Know What You Believe

On the way home one evening Zvi was stopped by a group of men who started asking him questions. When Zvi asked who they were, they told him they were from an anti-missionary organization. Zvi invited them in his home the next evening and listened to their judgment on him. They called him their “public enemy” and said they knew Zvi hated them. Zvi explained he didn’t hate him! He wanted them to have eternal life. They asked him what he meant and Zvi was able to explain clearly to his enemies.


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