April 29, 2017 | #1717-Thomas Ice: The Case for Zionism

Interview: Dr. Thomas Ice

As many workers of The Friends of Israel travel the globe we find more and more evangelical Christians opposed to the modern state of Israel. That is why we’ve asked Dr. Thomas Ice on the show this week. Dr. Ice has what we see as a vital new book, The Case For Zionism. Whether you love Israel and don’t feel comfortable defending your views or maybe you or someone you know doesn’t believe that Israel should exist – listening to this program will give you excellent points to why Christians should support Israel.

The Case For Zionism

If you’ve enjoyed hearing about Dr. Ice’s reasons for supporting Israel, you can order his new book The Case for Zionism. You’ll get answers to many contemporary arguments being used by both secular and religious communities to undermine what many of us believe is the hand of God at work in our own day. While support for Israel remains high in most evangelical communities, we are seeing the beginning of a decline, especially among younger evangelicals, who question whether modern Israel really relates to end-time Bible prophecy.  Order your copy for only $14.99.

Israel’s Independence Day

May 14, 1948 is Israel’s Independence Day. This was a joyous day then and it’s still a joyous day now. But just as here in the U.S., once independence was declared, a war broke out. Listen how God orchestrated in an amazing way, the rebirth of the modern state of Israel.

Apples of Gold

As Zvi looks back on his life; growing up in Poland, surviving the Holocaust, moving to Israel, and fighting in the wars – he remembers the goodness of the Lord. Listen to his dramatic and personal testimony of our great God’s faithfulness!

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»Hatikvah (The Israeli National Anthem)

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