Christian Persecution

Christian Persecution

Here in the western world, some Christians have bought into the lie that if you become a Christian, God will take your worries away and make everything better. But reading through the New Testament, believers in Jesus are reminded again and again that if you are a follower of Christ you will face persecution. This week Chris will take us to Scripture and show us what a true believer should think about persecution and the perseverance of our faith.

We’ll also hear the dramatic story of a former Muslim who became a believer in Jesus, Pastor Umar Mulinde. We’ll also learn about his unique connection to Israel. Pastor Mulinde’s story will encourage you and remind you to pray for those who are suffering and as the writer of Hebrews says, “Remember those in prison as though you were in prison with them, and those ill-treated as though you too felt their torment” (13:3).



by Elwood McQuaid

Does the growing tide of intolerance toward Christians affect you?  In the book Persecuted, author Elwood McQuaid shares many eye-opening facts and stories of Christian persecution happening at home and abroad. Dr. McQuaid’s book will teach how you can make a difference for the cause of Christ and respond effectively to the intolerance experienced by Christians today.


The Center of the Earth

In the second half of the show Chris will take us to a land that is in the center of earth: Israel! In ancient times all roads led to Israel. He’ll explain its unique placement in the ancient world and why God probably chose this as His land for His Chosen People. Then we’ll see how even now in modern times, Israel is still the place the world goes to for research and innovation. And we’ll learn how God is using Israel for His good not only in advancements in technology and innovation but also the Gospel!

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Apples of Gold: Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Zvi was asked by a friend to visit his ailing father. The man had been an alcoholic his entire life. He told Zvi he regretted much in his life. Zvi shared Isaiah 53:6, “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned, every one, to his own way; and the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.” He explained how God gives everyone a chance to repent, even at the end of their life. The man’s response will leave you encouraged!

Zvi’s story is available in Elwood McQuaid’s book, “Zvi: The Miraculous Story of Triumph over the Holocaust,” available at our online store.

More stories from Zvi are also available in his book, “The Best of Zvi,” available at our online store.


The Friends of Israel Today and Apples of Gold theme music was composed and performed by Jeremy Strong.

Also heard on this week’s show:
»Timothy Shaw, There is a Wideness in God’s Mercy (Hymns of Comfort and Praise)
»Jeremy Strong, Jesus Lover of My Soul   

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