March 24, 2018 | Israel My Glory: In Depth-March/April 2018


Chris sits down with Lorna Simcox, Editor in Chief of Israel My Glory magazine. This week we are looking in-depth at the most recent issue, “Mastering the Art of Redefinition.” Lorna explains how this issue came to life and how we as Christians need to be aware of changing terms in Christianity.

Chris also talks about where you can find our newly updated digital platform!  This year our staff is working hard to bring you the archived issues of Israel My Glory all the way back to its beginning in 1942!


We believe that understanding sound Bible doctrine does not require a scholarly education and that the Bible can and should be taught to everyone. We also strive to bring you relevant, timely reports about what’s truly happening in the Middle East. And when it comes to current events as they relate to Bible prophecy, we do not sensationalize for the sake of “news” but look at events in light of God’s Word.


Apples of Gold

Shakespeare, Mozart, and Einstein, are a few of the people the students at the Hebrew University studied near Zvi’s job. One day he challenged some students to think about who they studied and how these works were nothing next to the works of God and His Holy Word. Their exchange left the students feeling much different than before.  

Zvi’s story is available in Elwood McQuaid’s book, “Zvi: The Miraculous Story of Triumph over the Holocaust,” available at our online store.

More stories from Zvi are also available in his book, “The Best of Zvi,” available at our online store.


The Friends of Israel Today and Apples of Gold theme music was composed and performed by Jeremy Strong.

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  1. As a Field Ministry Representative for the Friends of Israel, Israel My Glory is a priceless tool of ministry to disseminate Biblical Truth to the people I meet in Churches all over the State of Victoria

  2. Thank you for sharing. May I say, what I would appreciate is an actual Scriptural, healthy, loving debate regarding this issue. Unfortunately, I am hearing this terminology regarding what I believe, but it is not at all what I believe and it is doing an injustice to proper theology historically and Scripturally regarding God’s redemptive plan. Being called something that you are not can be harmful without proper explanation and defense.

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