August 4, 2018 | Israel My Glory: In Depth-July/August 2018

Interview: Steve Herzig — Tisha B’Av

We’re looking at our July/August issue of Israel My Glory magazine. We welcome Steve Herzig back to the program this week. Steve is the North American Director here at The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry. Steve and Chris discuss Steve’s most recent article inside our magazine Israel My Glory titled, “If I Forget You, O’ Jerusalem.” We’ll learn about Tisha B’Av, the memorial day where the Jewish people mourn the loss of their Temple. Steve gives the history of this day and takes us to the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations where we see the uncaring state of the people of Israel before the destruction and the repentance of the people after. It’s a great lesson we can all learn from.

Israel My Glory Magazine

We believe that understanding sound Bible doctrine does not require a scholarly education and that the Bible can and should be taught to everyone. We also strive to bring you relevant, timely reports about what’s truly happening in the Middle East. And when it comes to current events as they relate to Bible prophecy, we do not sensationalize for the sake of “news” but look at events in light of God’s Word.

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Ezekiel’s Vision of God’s Departure from the First Temple

In our second segment, Chris will take us through the Old Testament where we will learn about the Temple and why it is so important to the Israelites and especially to God. We’ll hear how Ezekiel and the people of Israel were in exile because of their disobedience yet God gave Ezekiel a vision of the people coming back together in their land. It’s an encouraging message you won’t want to miss!


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