November 3, 2018 | Ministry Highlight: The Friends of Israel Today

Ministry Highlight: The Friends of Israel Today Radio Program

Every once in awhile we like to highlight ministries here at The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry. From our free medical clinic in Argentina, to our Bible camps in Eastern Europe, to supporting pastors in Israel, we are striving to bring hope to Jewish people all over the world. This week we want to focus on our radio ministry. Because of you, our listeners and supporters, we are able to bring sound, biblical teaching and news about Israel and the Jewish people to over 500 stations in the United States and Canada and to podcasters all over the world! What a blessing!

Our host and teacher, Chris Katulka, was invited a few weeks ago to a special conference in Jerusalem hosted by Israel’s Government Press Office called, “The Christian Media Summit.” Israeli leaders met and spoke to the group of journalist about current events and to thank them for faithfully supporting the State of Israel. Chris will highlight some of those meetings and share with you the message they wanted you, never-ending supporters of Israel, to hear. It is an important message that will cause you to love the Jewish people and State of Israel even more!

And we want to be sure that you know: The Friends of Israel Today radio is a listener supported radio program. We are only able to be on the air because of faithful givers like you. If you have never become a financial supporter of the ministry will you consider giving today? We would love for you to partner with us as we teach biblical truth in changing times!


2018-2019 Gift Catalog

While most Christians will never have the opportunity to travel to Israel, there is another way to express your friendship and support for God’s Chosen People, by assisting them with their needs. At a time when so many in this world are turning away from Israel, we can turn toward them and surround them with Christian love.

We at The Friends of Israel offer many projects to support the Jewish people all over the world through our gift catalog. The gift catalog gives you an opportunity to express your friendship and love to the Jewish people. If you would like to support a project visit our catalog page!



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