April 20, 2019 | Israel My Glory: In Depth-March/April 2019

Interview: Dr. Mike Stallard — The Resurrection

Happy Easter everyone! We are celebrating the resurrection of our Messiah, Jesus! We welcome Dr. Mike Stallard on the program to discuss in depth his article from the March/April issue of Israel My Glory magazine, “Because He Lives: Why future and present blessing depend on Christ’s resurrection from the dead.”

The beginning sentence of the article is an excellent summary of the interview:

“Without the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, believers have not been forgiven, believing loved ones who died are lost forever, and Christians live miserable lives.” We’ll hear how the resurrection affects us today and also in the future.

As we take time to celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, the Messiah we want to ask you, do you know Him? If you wonder who Jesus is, please visit our website http://whoisjesus.foi.org/ to find out why we believe Jesus is the promised Messiah, God’s only Son.

You can read Dr. Stallard’s full article here: https://israelmyglory.org/article/because-he-lives/

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