August 10, 2019 | IMG In Depth: Interview: Ty Perry

Israel My Glory: In Depth — Interveiw: Ty Perry

Trade deals, peace deals, and a booming economy are what Israel could have boasted in during the days of Elijah. But what was missing? God! God used prophets to proclaim His promises and judgements. We’re going in-depth this week with the current issue of our magazine, Israel My Glory, and it’s all about the prophet Elijah. 

Many of us know the popular story of Elijah on Mount Carmel found in 1 Kings 18, but do you know the facts surrounding the story? We welcome Ty Perry, The Friends of Israel Gospel Minstry’s representative in the Las Vegas area. Ty wrote an article in Israel My Glory magazine, “Confrontation on Carmel” and gives us a broader picture of the story we know so well. 

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If you’d like to support Ty’s ministry in Las Vegas, you can do so HERE.  If you’re in Canada, please donate HERE.

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