March 20, 2021 | Kings of Israel: King Asa

King Asa

No king can ever match up to Jesus. Our perfect, sinless Savior is also the King of Kings, and He’s coming again to claim His throne! He was also born into a family of kings. We’ll be studying 4 of His kingly ancestors in our 4-part series about the kings of the split Israelite kingdom. These leaders have a lot to teach us. Their decisions and experiences clearly demonstrate why we should always depend on the Lord for direction!

The first king we’re studying is Asa, Solomon’s great-grandson. At his best, he was one of Judah’s most faithful leaders. At his worst, he took his eyes off the Lord and failed while trying to lead by his own strength. Follow along with us as we look into the fascinating lives and leadership of the kings in the line of Jesus!

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Apples of Gold: A Little Dog Paves the Way

Who would have thought that a little dog could open the door for such an opportunity? That is what Zvi was thinking after an encounter with an Orthodox Jewish man and his family while walking his son’s dog. While the man put his faith in his tassels and garments, Zvi encouraged him to put his faith in God. Find out how a dog looking for a chew toy led to an examination of the heart.


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  1. Very interested to know of your program, on BBN radio, Ch. KYFS, Sat. around 5:00 AM, CST. I love to hear from Apples of Gold, Zvri’s testimonies as a Jew, Holocaust survivor, to Israeli’s of his Messiah.

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