April 30, 2022 | The Feast of Firstfruits

The Feast of Firstfruits

Springtime means feast time for Israel and the Jewish people. Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread take center stage, but the Feast of Firstfruits teaches us a crucial lesson about humility and remembering to thank our God for the good gifts He gives. Chris takes us to Leviticus to learn about this feast.

The Feast of Firstfruits was meant to cause the Israelites to stop and remember to thank God for His provision, as all He had given them belonged to Him anyway. We should do the same! God has given us good gifts, and we must remember to thank Him for these blessings. And as an added benefit, this holiday also features a beautiful picture of Jesus’ resurrection we should celebrate at this time of year. Take the lessons of the Feast of Firstfruits to heart with this week’s show!

The Appointed Times: Jesus in the Feasts of Israel DVD

The spring and fall feasts are times of rest, remembrance, and renewal in the Jewish world. But what makes each feast unique and important? Journey through Israel in this 4-part series as you explore the historical, agricultural, sacrificial, and prophetic meaning behind these feasts. You’ll get more than knowledge of Jewish customs—you’ll get to see how these feasts connect to Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection and how that applies to you today. Enjoy this colorful view of these Jewish feasts with insightful commentary and vivid visuals!


Apples of Gold: The Pesach Lamb

Zvi’s Passover celebration was always a blessed feast. Sometimes it would go into the early hours of the morning. Many of his neighbors would listen outside expecting the Kalishers’ Passover to be different than what they are used to. But to their surprise, it was the same! When Zvi tried to show them how the Messiah is our Passover Lamb, they asked him to only show them from the Old Testament. Zvi did just that and they were amazed, giving him a chance to share his faith in Jesus with them.


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