May 14, 2022 | Diggin’ It with Abigail Leavitt

Interview: Abigail Leavitt—Ebal Curse Tablet

Archaeology is one of our greatest tools for understanding the world of the Bible. Excavations have allowed archaeologists to step back in time and connect to ancient civilizations by unearthing historical treasures. No matter your level of interest in this field, if you are a Christian, archaeology is a valuable resource for you!

Archaeologist Abigail Leavitt joins the show this week to share the exciting work she does in her excavations. She and her team made a remarkable discovery in 2020: the Ebal curse tablet. This dates back more than 3,000 years and sits right in the middle of biblical and Hebrew history. This breakthrough might even be the oldest reference to the name of God. You’ve got to hear the story of this amazing discovery, plus you’ll get to learn about Abigail’s thrilling adventures digging through the ruins of ancient Israel!

If you’d like to follow Abigail’s archaeological adventures, you can read her blog here.

Written in Stone: Jesus of Nazareth DVD

Many people won’t believe the Bible unless they see proof that it is true. What better way to prove that truth than to show them real, historical artifacts from Israel! 

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Apples of Gold: Where Did I Go Astray?

When an old army friend met Zvi, he was drawn to the happiness he saw in him. The friend was sad because two of his sons were in the army. Yet Zvi had three sons in the army and was perfectly at peace. Zvi’s joy allowed him to start a discussion with his friend about the trust and peace that God gave him. Using both the Old and New Testaments, Zvi shared the joy of the Lord with his friend.


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  1. Since the ark of the covenant was stripped of its exterior treasures and then burnt up in the temple, there’s no ark for archaeologists to find. This is confirmed by 2 Kings 25, Jeremiah 52:12-23 and 3:16

  2. I always enjoy your programs. The apples of gold I like the cherry on the cake I love to hear the stories. Thank you for your stories. I live in Jerusalem Israel and I walk the streets daily feeling the Lord‘s presence.

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