July 2, 2022 | The Son of Man, Part 3

Son of Man, Part 3

Jesus came to Earth being fully God and fully human simultaneously. The unique name “Son of Man” ties these two elements of our Savior wonderfully. He used this title to describe Himself many times throughout the Gospels, showing both His humility as a human and His authority as the God of heaven and Earth. 

As we wrap up our 3-part series on the Son of Man, we see this title used in Daniel to describe a human being who is somehow able to ride on clouds and approach God without hesitation. When Jesus was on trial, He used this title again to identify Himself to the self-righteous Sanhedrin, which didn’t realize it was judging the Judge of the entire universe. After listening to this week’s conclusion, you’ll look at the name “Son of Man” in a new light, knowing why the deity and humanity of Jesus are so important for us to grasp.

If you missed the first two parts of this series, you can Listen here:

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Apples of Gold: It Is Hard For Us to Forsake the Old Ways

Zvi encountered Israelis that believed God would bless them just because they lived in Israel even though they did not believe in His Son. He asked them where they got their authority from: the Bible or books written by man. They accused him of trying to proselytize because he was a believer in Jesus. Because of the Jewish faith of their fathers, it was hard for them to believe in anything else. Hear how Zvi explained where his authority and hope came from.


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