August 6, 2022 | Divine Portraits of God, Part 4: Revelation


God reveals Himself all throughout His Word, from beginning to end. Over the past 3 weeks we’ve learned to see God in places we might not think to look: creation, the 10 plagues of Exodus, and in our suffering. This week we learn how we can see God’s invisible attributes through the book of Revelation. But Revelation wraps up our series in another neat way—it features God at work through each topic we’ve studied in the last 3 weeks!

We see the suffering of the saints, the hand of God at work to avenge believers and turn the world’s attention toward Israel as He did with the 10 plagues, and His redemption of His creation at the end of the book that parallels the beginning of the Bible. God is always at work and makes Himself known to us in many ways. We hope this series reminds you of His character and the love He has for you!

If you missed the first three parts of this series, you can Visit our Archives.

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Apples of Gold: Fear the Lord

One day Zvi found a stranger sitting at his table in his home. The man said he was a good friend of an Orthodox Jewish man Zvi had become friends with in North America. He went to Zvi on behalf of his friend, asking to collect what Zvi had promised to give him. The man was expecting something tangible to bring back to his friend, but Zvi gave him something else entirely. Hear how Zvi offered the man the greatest gift of all!


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