September 10, 2022 | The Book of Joel, Part 1

Joel Chapter 1

Prophecy offers us a valuable glimpse into God’s relationship with Israel and His plans for the world. You’ll find this to be true over the next 3 weeks as we study the book of Joel. The prophecies of Joel not only provide a clear picture of a landmark moment in Israel’s history but will also help you examine your own personal walk with God and how you can draw closer to Him.

The book of Joel is a serious wakeup call for Israel to say that disaster is coming. The Israelites’ hearts were far from God, who had promised judgment if His people walked away from Him. Joel 1 introduces us to an invasion of locusts, both literal and symbolic, in Israel. God tells Joel the Day of the Lord is coming, a day of judgment and destruction upon His unrepentant Chosen People. But as He always does, God gave Joel to Israel to warn them and tell them to wake up and repent. We are called to do the same, as God is waiting for us to come to Him for grace and forgiveness. We hope this study of Joel blesses you over the next few weeks!

Joel: The Day of the Lord


Dive deeper into Joel with David Levy’s expert commentary! Learn about the prophecies God revealed that came to pass and the ones still to come that will culminate in the Battle of Armageddon in this concise, insightful work.


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Apples of Gold: A Little Dog Paves the Way

While Zvi was out walking his son’s dog, he encountered an Orthodox Jewish man and his family. When the dog began to chew on the man’s tassels, he became upset saying he had eaten his most holy possession. The man was putting his faith in his tassels and garments, but Zvi encouraged him to put his faith in God instead. Who would have thought a little dog could open the door for such an opportunity? Find out how a dog looking for a chew toy led to an examination of the heart.


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  1. Will Chris complete the study in Joel that he began on Sept 10,22? He said it was to be a 3 part study, but then jumped to Isaiah 53. I was really looking forward to hearing the teachings on the other 2 chps. Thank you for air these great programs.

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