November 12, 2022 | Interview with Don Sharpe, CMDA

Don Sharpe, Canadian Magen David Adom

If you don’t live in Israel, you may have dreamed of making a tangible difference in the Jewish state before. Don Sharpe, our guest on this week’s program, is living that dream! A Magen David Adom volunteer from Alberta, Canada, Don is the first international paramedic trained to provide volunteer EMS care in the Holy Land. His passion for Israel and the Jewish people led him to step out in faith and travel across the world to save lives.

Chris met Don at an Honor Israel Night in Calgary, Canada, which led Chris to invite him on the show to share his inspirational journey. As Don speaks with Chris, you’ll enjoy the story of a man from Canada who answered the call to serve and save in the Holy Land. He shares wonderful insight into life as a Magen David Adom paramedic. Enjoy this look into emergency services in Israel and Don’s dedication as a lifesaving volunteer!

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Divine Appointment

While Zvi’s wife was sick in the hospital, Zvi was able to share his faith in Jesus with another patient. Knowing sharing his beliefs could get him banned from visiting, he told the man, who was anxious to hear more about Jesus, that he would have to come back. He knew how difficult it was to speak about salvation in the hospital, but he was determined to see the man. Hear how God was sure to send Zvi back to share his faith with the man. It’s something only our great God could do!


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