November 19, 2022 | Israeli Elections

The World of Israeli Politics

The votes are in! A familiar face is returning to the premiership in Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu—the longest-serving prime minister who last held the title just last year. The election marked Israel’s fifth in just four years. So why have there been so many elections? What does Netanyahu’s return to power mean? And what does the future hold for Israelis?

Chris takes you into the world of Israeli politics on this week’s show. He explains how the many political parties with various agendas will all work together to form the next government. Though it’s expected to be one of the most conservative governments in Israel’s history, the diversity of beliefs in ideology and policy could make this government uneasy once again. Ultimately, these differences point to one of Israel’s greatest strengths: It gives all its citizens a voice in its democracy, the only one in the Middle East.

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Apples of Gold: Only God Can Send a Person to Paradise

During an election campaign in Israel, various candidates battled for the office of prime minister. One candidate in particular — a rabbi running on an ultra-Orthodox party ticket — placed an ad in the newspaper stating that God would judge those who did not give their votes to his political party. This bothered Zvi, and the Lord gave him the courage to go to the party’s headquarters to have a discussion about it. Listen to this week’s edition of Apples of Gold to find out what happened next!


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  1. In a recent UN vote, Ukraine voted against Israel and voted in favor of Israel being charged with war crimes. In my opinion, which is certainly biased due to Biblical prophecy, Netanyahu should not give arms to Ukraine nor should more than humanitarian aid be extended to Ukraine. The Ukrainian government should have considered more carefully before they acted against Israel.

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