December 24, 2022 | The First Christmas, Part Two: Isaiah 53 (REBROADCAST)

This program is a rebroadcast from December 26, 2020.

Isaiah 53

Christmastime is here! Looking back on the first Christmas means looking back at the prophecy that foretold Jesus’ fate hundreds of years earlier. After studying Isaiah 7 last week, we’re heading to chapter 53 this week to study Jesus’ sacrifice that would save His people from their sins.

This chapter is particularly noteworthy because it’s not welcome in Jewish synagogues. Though it is from the Tanakh, it is such a clear link to Jesus’ claim to be the Messiah that it goes against Jewish teachings. Chris discusses our Savior from many key angles—His kingly history; His parallels to David, the great king of Israel; and His appearance among the people of His day. We hope you enjoy the blessings that Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection have given us and have a very merry Christmas!

If you missed Part 1 of this series, you can Listen Here.

They Called Her Miriam- The Virgin Of Nazareth


Such legends and myths have been attributed to Mary, the mother of Jesus, that she seems almost too unknowable. But she was beautifully human and relatable, a flesh-and-blood Hebrew woman given the blessed privilege of bearing the divine Son. This book will open your eyes to the heart of Miriam, the Hebrew name of Jesus’ mother, in her New Testament context while revealing her place in God’s redemption story.


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Apples of Gold: How Can God Have a Birthday?

“Why are you so happy this time of year?” The people in Israel asked Zvi this question at Christmastime every year. Zvi loved Christmas and enjoyed explaining why it is such a joyous celebration. But he always warned them that his answer might not be what they expected. Zvi took them to the Hebrew Scriptures to explain the joy of Christmas. They were shocked and thankful that he took the time to show them where the Messiah was talked about in the Old Testament.


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