April 8, 2023 | FOI IN ACTION: Alyssa Ruddell


Interview w/ Alyssa Ruddell

We love to see God raise up workers to carry out the work to which He has called us—and that’s why we’re so excited to have Alyssa Ruddell join our ministry! Alyssa’s love for Israel and the Jewish people brought her to The Friends of Israel, where she quickly jumped into many of our programs that energized her passion for ministry. Chris introduces Alyssa as our newest field representative and helps you get to know her on this week’s broadcast.

Before her appointment as a representative, Alyssa had already joined our Encounter experience with Jewish communities in the Northeast, worked in our Bridges and Equip internships, and traveled to Israel with us on our ORIGINS volunteer trip. These experiences and her servant’s heart have prepared her well as she ministers in Houston, Texas. Alyssa shares how she has already begun to serve and support the Jewish people in her community and to equip other young adults to do the same. Her passion is inspiring, and her insight will help you learn how you can be a true friend of Israel and the Jewish people too!

Visit foi.org/ruddell to learn more and support Alyssa’s ministry!

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