April 15, 2023 | The Book of Ezra, Part 1

The Book of Ezra, Part 1

Join us this week as we start a new series on the book of Ezra! This book records a key turning point in Israel’s remarkable history, the beginning of the Israelites’ return from Babylonian exile. Chris draws from archaeological history while teaching on chapter 1 in the opening of our 4-part series.

Seventy years after the fall of Jerusalem, the Jewish people had settled into life as exiles. Decades of living under Babylon’s control had made them grow accustomed to life outside the Holy Land. But when Persian King Cyrus gave the decree for the Jewish people to return to their homeland, many packed up and moved their lives to Israel not for convenience but because of God’s stirring in their lives and His promise to return them to the land. 

Learn how the historical accounts of King Cyrus and the biblical record intersect and teach us what happened in this crucial time period of Jewish history!

Prophecy Up Close Conferences

The tabernacle and temple play a significant role in Biblical history and prophecy as the epicenter of God’s divine dwelling place with His people. During our one-day conference you will gain an understanding of the Temple and what it reveals about God’s intentional design to be present with His creation.


Apples of Gold: Divine Appointment

While Zvi’s wife was sick in the hospital, Zvi was able to share his faith in Jesus with another patient. Knowing sharing his beliefs could get him banned from visiting, he told the man, who was anxious to hear more about Jesus, that he would have to come back. He knew how difficult it was to speak about salvation in the hospital, but he was determined to see the man. Hear how God was sure to send Zvi back to share his faith with the man. It’s something only our great God could do!


The Friends of Israel Today and Apples of Gold theme music was composed and performed by Jeremy Strong.

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