April 29, 2023 | The Book of Ezra, Part 3

The Book of Ezra, Part 3

Do you like surprises, or do they stress you out? In the days of the rebuilding of the Temple, Ezra encountered a good surprise and a bad one. After studying the obstacles Israel faced in rebuilding the Temple, part 3 of our 4-part series on the book of Ezra brings us to the good and the bad awaiting Ezra’s return to the land of Israel.

God used a pagan king to send Ezra back to the land. Through Artaxerxes’ instruction, Ezra and the priests of Israel could return, and the law of the Lord could reign over His Chosen People once again. But Ezra was met with an unwelcome surprise too. When he arrived in the land, he found the people of Israel living in sin. Join us this week to learn more about Ezra’s account of the Jewish people’s return to the land, and join us next week to discover how God’s law was the key to righting the people’s wrongs!

If you missed the first two parts of this series, you can catch up on our Archives page.

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Apples of Gold: All That Glitters is Not Gold!

Upon finding a large bag of money, Zvi was faced with a choice: to worship God or money. It didn’t take long before he learned about how he was viewed by others and the religious prejudice that existed in his community. Of course, Zvi chose not to let this offend him but instead to bring truth to the authorities. Listen to how choosing to do the right thing and serve God led to opportunities to share his faith and the love of God.


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