June 17, 2023 | Acts 2: Peter’s Truth Bombs to Israel, Part 2

Acts 2: Peter’s Truth Bombs to Israel, Part 2

Peter dropped some serious truth bombs on the Jewish people in Acts 2! The Holy Spirit had just come to indwell believers, and the people didn’t know what to make of the phenomenon. But Peter was ready to share the Good News using the Hebrew Scriptures! In the conclusion of our 2-part series on Peter’s sermon to the Jewish people, Chris brings you to the moment the church was born to help you understand how deeply the Jewish people came to understand what Jesus’ resurrection truly meant.

The apostles witnessed Jesus’ resurrection and attested with certainty that it was a historical event, not just some abstract philosophy, as the Jewish people believed then. So when Peter demonstrated how the Old Testament prophesied that Jesus would die for the sin of the world, resurrect, and be raised to the right hand of the Father in power and glory, the people were amazed. The result was an incredible display of new faith in the Messiah. Join us for this study of the landmark moment in Acts 2 that reminds us of our rock-solid hope today!

If you missed Part 1, you can catch up here.



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Apples of Gold: A Fruitful Day

For many years, Israelis have sung about the Messiah’s coming. Not many are aware that He has already come, which is why Zvi went to the Western Wall every week to hand out Bibles at bar mitzvahs. While he was explaining what the Bible was to some young boys, he received an unexpected listener with questions about the Messiah. Hear about the wonderful opportunities he had to share about Jesus to many at the Wall.


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