The Suffering and Resurrection of Jesus, Psalm 22 | March 30, 2024

Psalm 22

Have you ever imagined how Jesus must have felt the night before His crucifixion? He knew His time to die for the sins of the world had come, and excruciating pain and suffering lay before Him. Sometimes we lose sight of the tremendous physical and emotional price of Jesus’ sacrifice. This Easter, let’s put ourselves in His position to better appreciate the cost of our redemption.

Chris shares an important message from Psalm 22, a Messianic psalm that must have been at the front of Jesus’ mind as He paced the Garden of Gethsemane, awaiting His arrest. This psalm, which plays prominently in the account of His death, reminds us that our Savior was abandoned by those closest to Him and left to suffer alone. Yet He remembered that His Father was faithful and would deliver Him—even from the grave! Enjoy this week’s Easter broadcast on Psalm 22 as a wonderful encouragement that even though Jesus endured excruciating pain and death, He didn’t stay dead; He rose from the grave to offer eternal life to all!

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Apples of Gold: He is not Dead; He Lives!

Zvi prayed and asked God to open the doors for him to somehow allow him to be a part of a religious Jewish school. One day his neighbor asked him to take his place in guarding the school, something the students’ parents took turns doing throughout the school year. Zvi was excited to see how God answered his prayers. Not only did God allow him to enter the school; He sent Zvi at just the right time to do more than just stand watch! Listen to what happened as he spoke to the director.


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  1. He feared death? To be sorrowful isn’t the same as being afraid. Yes, He was under pressure but to accuse Him of fear is blasphemy. Those who have the patience to count verses say it’s recorded in the Bible in some form or another to fear not 365 times. If He was afraid at any time He could never look us square in the eye and keep a straight face if He had ever been afraid.

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