The Holy One of God, Part 1 (Rebroadcast) | July 6, 2024

This program is a rebroadcast from October 22, 2022.

The Holy One of God, Part 1

It’s impossible to capture all of Jesus’ wonderful attributes in just one name, so we learn about His holiness through the many different designations He’s given in Scripture. One such name is the Holy One of God. The apostle Peter called Him this name—and so did demons! What does this title say about Jesus?

Part 1 of our 2-part series on the Holy One of God shares the significance of this special moniker. It might sound like a title reserved for God alone, but several memorable Old Testament Israelites were actually called this name too—namely, Samson, Aaron, and Elisha. But how do these leaders reveal the character of Christ? Tune in for the fulfilling answer!

The Search/Jewish Culture & Customs

We’re excited to share two books with you: The Search written by Lorna Simcox is her true story that brought her to the undeniable truth about faith, God and life after death; And Jewish Culture and Customs by Steve Herzig introduces the colorful world of Judaism to believers.

Learn more about these books and watch exclusive interviews with Steve and Lorna today!


Apples of Gold: This Book is for Everyone

A man’s children can play a big part in his ministry. Zvi’s children helped him be an effective witness by their loving attitude toward others. They grew up playing with their Arab neighbors, and when Zvi saw these neighbors 35 years later, he found that prejudice had overtaken them. They assumed that his children hated them, but Zvi explained that he taught his children to love. This opened the door for a discussion about the Book that they lived their lives by.


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