October 30, 2021 | Chris Katulka/Jim Showers: Christian Zionism, Part 2

Chris Katulka & Jim Showers : Christian Zionism

Christians have shared an important friendship with Israel throughout history. But as a whole, that relationship is starting to crack. A recent study found an increasing number of young evangelical Christians are no longer supporting Israel because of its dispute with the Palestinians. How can we support Israel when so many other believers have begun to abandon the Jewish state?

Continuing their conversation from last week’s show, Chris speaks with Jim Showers, executive director of The Friends of Israel, to address this alarming trend in evangelical circles. Throughout their talk, they share ideas you can use to share the importance of our support for Israel with those who don’t yet understand it. Make sure you catch this week’s interview so you can turn those troublesome conversations into opportunities you can look forward to!

If you missed Part 1 of this series, you can Listen Here.

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The Case For Zionism

Evangelical support for Israel is falling, anti-Semitism and Replacement Theology are rising, and many question the Jewish people’s right to the Holy Land. How can we fix this mess? Thomas Ice answers the arguments of both secular and religious communities by presenting the biblical, historical, and legal reasons for Israel’s right to the land in this excellent exposition on Zionism!


Apples of Gold: Faith by the Sword…or Faith by Love?

In Israel, Arabs and Jewish people are enemies. But Zvi came to his Arab neighbors determined to treat them with love. This shocked the Arabs, who disagreed with his view of the Bible but did not expect the kindness he showed them. While they had people killed for believing a different faith, Zvi showed love to his enemies as Jesus commanded. He told a story from his army days to show that true followers of Jesus practice love in speaking the truth about God’s free gift of salvation.


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