October 23, 2021 | Chris Katulka/Jim Showers: Christian Zionism

Chris Katulka & Jim Showers : Christian Zionism

Christian Zionism is our passionate belief today, but this movement started long before us. Looking back in American history we can see a precedent set forth by many presidents: a desire to see national Israel restored. Miraculously, the world witnessed this come to pass in 1948, and we’re thrilled to see the Jewish people in their homeland today. But the world critics have spoken: Many people aren’t happy to see Israel resurrected. That’s why our support is so important!

Chris interviews The Friends of Israel’s Executive Director Jim Showers about Christian Zionism—what it is, why it matters, and what it’s accomplished over the centuries. God’s Word has always made its importance clear, and it’s our job to preserve this truth. Tune in for this excellent discussion, plus you’ll learn about William Blackstone, a hero of Christian Zionism in America with an inspiring story!

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The Case For Zionism

Evangelical support for Israel is falling, anti-Semitism and Replacement Theology are rising, and many question the Jewish people’s right to the Holy Land. How can we fix this mess? Thomas Ice answers the arguments of both secular and religious communities by presenting the biblical, historical, and legal reasons for Israel’s right to the land in this excellent exposition on Zionism!


Apples of Gold: Fifty Years…And Counting

Zvi reflected on the fifty years that had passed since Israel’s Declaration of Independence and his 50 years living in the nation. Though many Israeli soldiers couldn’t help but boast about their military victories over powerful enemies, Zvi knew that it was God who had safely brought His people through to safety. Listen to him reminisce on the past fifty years and how the Lord had protected him through many battles, and most importantly, saved his soul.


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