March 26, 2022 | Why Christians Should Support Israel and the Jewish People, Part 2

Israel’s Gifts and Calling are Irrevocable

God gave Israel special gifts and a special calling. They set Israel apart from the other nations of the world, serving as distinct marks of its unique status as God’s chosen nation. He has given the Jewish people covenants, promises, law, patriarchs, worship, and the Messiah Jesus—a blessing we have received and for which we are indebted to Israel. And the Lord will never forget or cancel Israel’s calling. We shouldn’t forget it either, especially since our own faith is grounded in that calling!

Chris concludes our series on Romans 11:28–29, studying three reasons we should support the Jewish nation. Last week we learned how deeply Israel still matters to God and why we should do the same, while this week brings us to the unchanging gifts and calling God gave the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Because Israel still matters to God and because its gifts and calling are irrevocable, Israel deserves our full support—now and forever.

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Apples of Gold: How Can I Believe in God?

As Israel suffered as a nation in the 1970s, many Israelis felt lost. They felt that God had abandoned them and was not worthy to believe in. Zvi was a beacon of hope to the Israeli community, sharing the good news of God’s plan for sustaining His people. His encounter with one man who felt that God was not present showed the man the true nature of God the Father. Zvi diligently broke down the lies that Jewish people were fed about Jesus as he shared the truth that God reveals about Himself in His Word.


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