March 19, 2022 | Why Christians Should Support Israel and the Jewish People, Part 1

Israel Still Matters to God!

Why do you support Israel? Maybe you support its democratic policies that make it stand out from the rest of the Middle East. If you know your Bible, you might point to a passage like Genesis 12:1–3 as your reason, wanting to honor God’s command to bless the nation. But this week we’ll consider Romans 11:28–29, a short passage Paul wrote to express God’s faithfulness to Israel today. Over the next few weeks, Chris will offer three important reasons why every believer should support Israel today. The first reason: Israel still matters to God! 

Contrary to what many teach about Israel being replaced by the church and its covenant with the Lord being done away with, Israel remains the apple of God’s eye. When God promised Abraham land, descendants, and blessing, He did so in a covenant that will last forever. When this passage from Romans explains that Israel is “beloved for the sake of the fathers,” it reminds us of God’s faithfulness to Abraham and his line for all of history. In this study, we hope you’ll remember: He is faithful to you, too!

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Apples of Gold: Arab Neighbors

Arab nations proudly shouted the slogan, “Butcher the Jews! Cast them into the sea!” Despite this inborn animosity Arabs had for Jewish people and their right to the land of Israel, Zvi always tried to treat his Arab neighbors with love and kindness. Once he could break down their blind hatred of Jewish people, he then tried to share the love of the Messiah with them from the Scriptures. Listen and find out how he shared his faith with one very important man in the Arab neighborhood.


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