April 18, 2015 | #1516—A Promise He’s Keeping, Part 1





“You know, often times in the Old Testament God would reveal His plan and course of action in the form of a promise or covenant. The first covenant is found in Genesis 12, 15, and 17 with Abraham. The Abrahamic Covenant, as it’s called, isn’t a static promise that remains dormant in the beginning of Genesis, never to be mentioned or heard of again. Instead, it’s a divine promise with a purpose, which can be traced throughout the entirety of Scripture.”
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#AskFOI—Interview: Dr. Elwood McQuaid

Elwood_McQuaidChris is asking the questions on today’s program as he interviews Friends of Israel radio pioneer and long-time host, Dr. Elwood McQuaid.

Resources by Elwood McQuaid

Apples of Gold

“Why have we lived so long without Him?”

This week we find Zvi explaining to a group of Russian immigrants how to find true, lasting peace even in the midst of war. They finally begin to ask themselves, “why have we lived so long without Him?”

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