September 17, 2016 | #1638—The Theology of Isaiah 53


The Theology of Isaiah 53

Today in our continued look at Isaiah 53, Chris highlights the layer of theology that’s embedded in the prophecy. Isaiah’s prophecy doesn’t just explain that someone would live a life of humiliation, die, and find in the end His exaltation. It goes one step more to describe exactly why the suffering servant lived a life of humiliation, and why the suffering servant had to die.

Isaiah’s Messiah

by Victor Buksbazen

From the scholarly pen of Dr. Victor Buksbazen comes an outstanding work on a premier section of the prophetic Hebrew Scriptures, Isaiah 52—53. This superb and attractive little volume masterfully answers the all-important Jewish question, Of whom did the prophet speak? Of Israel, as many rabbis teach, or of Messiah? In an eloquent yet in-depth verse-by-verse exposition, Dr. Buksbazen shows how Isaiah 53—the only section of the Bible never read in the synagogue—speaks unequivocally of Jesus.



Isaiah 53: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

In our second segment, Chris interviews Steve Herzig, a Jewish believer in Jesus. He’ll explain how Isaiah 53 impacted his life.

Apples of Gold—How Do You Pray?

During times of great uncertainty in Israel, the rabbis of Cabala (Jewish mysticism) decided to compose a new prayer – a poem to comfort the people of Israel. One of the rabbis was the leader of a large synagogue in Zvi’s neighborhood. For a long time, he would not even look at Zvi because of his faith in Jesus, but one day a kind gesture opens the door for Zvi to share with the rabbi about prayer and the Messiah.


The Friends of Israel Today and Apples of Gold theme music was composed and performed by Jeremy Strong.

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