November 26, 2016 | #1648—Israel My Glory: In Depth-November/December



Have you ever tried to think through how we can know God exists? It’s hard for our finite minds to fully understand this complex question. This week Chris takes us on a journey through God’s Word and shows us how people like Job questioned God’s existence and when God shows him a glimpse of who He is, Job’s response is “But I have declared without understanding things too wonderful for me to know” (Job 42:3). Chris then takes us to the New Testament and shows us how God, through His Son Jesus, wants us to know Him personally through a relationship with Jesus.

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Interview—Steve Herzig


Steve Herzig talks with Chris about his article in the newest issue of Israel My Glory magazine, “What’s in a Name?” Steve explains that God gave names to His people to remind them of God’s faithfulness. Isaac, laughter; Samuel, asked of God; Joshua, salvation. Steve explains how Joshua led the Jewish people into the land of Israel, their physical salvation. And how God used the same name (Jesus and Joshua are the same name in Hebrew, Yeshua)for His Son who was the spiritual Savior of the world.

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