April 8, 2017 | #1714-Passover and the New Exodus

Passover and the New Exodus

Passover is upon us! This week Jewish people all over the world will be remembering the Passover.  Chris takes us to Exodus to see the dramatic story of God rescuing His people, the children of Israel, from the bondage of slavery in Egypt through a series of ten plagues, with the last being death of the first born.

Then we’ll see as Christians, the picture of the new exodus through our Passover Lamb Jesus. And as the Jewish people had a heart of faith and believed God would save them from death that Passover night, Christians too must have a heart of faith and trust that Jesus covers our sin and saves us from death through His work on the cross. Don’t miss this moving program!

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The Friends of Israel wants to help you build your knowledge of the Bible as you grow in your faith. Through our blogs and videos, we cover topics like Passover and other Biblical feasts, doctrine, and christian living.

We believe when you read the bible through the lens of the correct culture, history, and understanding of the original audience, which is primarily the Jewish people, it helps see the full picture of how God is working in the world and in our lives. 

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The 10th plague

Most of us know the last of the ten plagues in Exodus 11 was the death of every the firstborn in Egypt. And if we’re honest, this sounds really harsh! Why did God have to do such a gruesome act? We’ll learn how this terrible plague could’ve been avoided if Pharaoh had listened to God earlier in Exodus 4.

Apples of Gold: This Book is for Everyone

Zvi lived in the same area of Jerusalem for over 30 years. His children grew up with both Jewish and Muslim children playing soccer outside. Some years later, after the children were grown, there grew a greater divide between the Muslim and Jewish people. Zvi runs into some of his former Muslim neighbors who accuse him of hating the Muslim people. Listen how Zvi is able to share God’s love for them and that he too does not hate them but loves them because of what Scripture teaches.

There are more stories like this from Zvi Kalisher! Purchase The Best of Zvi from our online store.

For more on the life of Zvi Kalisher, visit our online store to find his biography, Zvi: The Miraculous Story of Triumph Over the Holocaust.


The Friends of Israel Today and Apples of Gold theme music was composed and performed by Jeremy Strong.

Also heard on this weeks show:
» Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee, John B. Dykes (performed by Samuel Hsu) Used with permission
» Letting Go, Ketsa
» August 12, Peter Rudenko

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