June 2, 2018 | Israel My Glory: In Depth-May/June 2018

Interview: Sarah Fern

Why do you use social media? Some have a Facebook page to share posts and encouragement with their family and friends, others have Twitter to keep up with the latest news and read what others are saying about it, and many young people have accounts like Instagram and Snapchat to communicate with their friends and follow their favorite celebrity. Whatever your use or view of social media is, the platforms are not going away anytime soon.

This week we go in-depth into our most recent issue of Israel My Glory magazine looking at social media and Israel. We welcome our very own Sarah Fern to the program. Sarah is the media content manager here at The Friends of Israel and also a co-writer for our program. Sarah will talk about her recent article in Israel My Glory about what social media is, the use of the various platforms, and where it’s going.

Israel My Glory

We believe that understanding sound Bible doctrine does not require a scholarly education and that the Bible can and should be taught to everyone. We also strive to bring you relevant, timely reports about what’s truly happening in the Middle East. And when it comes to current events as they relate to Bible prophecy, we do not sensationalize for the sake of “news” but look at events in light of God’s Word.

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Interview: Pastor David Lemming

Chris welcomes Pastor David Lemming on the second half of the program. Pastor Lemming shares how he started using social media to connect to people online in order to connect with them in person. And he does this in order to share the Good News of Jesus! We hope as you listen to Pastor Lemming and learn how he uses the platform of social media, you will be encouraged that there is GOOD going on online!


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