August 18, 2018 | Righteous Gentiles, Part 1


Interview: Cheryl Buxamusa

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.” Do you recognize this quote? It was said by Corrie ten Boom, Holocaust survivor and Righteous Gentile. Corrie ten Boom is quoted a lot around Christian circles. Many believers have read her works and heard of her and her family’s courageous story of hiding Jewish people in her home and later being sent to Nazi concentration camps. For the next two weeks we are remembering the Righteous Gentiles, those who helped save Jewish people during the Holocaust.

This week we welcome our guest Cheryl Buxamusa. Cheryl was a friend of Corrie ten Boom and now travels the world portraying Corrie in front of audiences. It is sacrificial people like Cheryl who are helping keep the story of the Holocaust up front in people’s lives. We need more people like Cheryl telling these stories because we know that nothing is new under the sun and that history can sadly repeat itself.

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Halina: Faith in the Fire

By Elwood McQuaid

In 1939, the Nazis took control of Poland. A young Polish woman named Halina was faced with the decision to fall in line with the Nazi agenda or to stand against evil.

Halina Ostik’s commitment to believe in her cause regardless of personal cost is the essence of this book. It tells the story of an amazing individual who walked through the fires of Hitler’s genocidal rampage and survived.


Righteous Gentile, Halina Ostik

In our second segment, Chris tells the story of a lesser known Righteous Gentile, Halina Ostik. Halina is a Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry worker in Poland and was part of the Polish resistance during World War II. As you listen to her story of courage, our prayer is that you will see how God can use your experiences and talents in the most unusual ways. And if we are available, we can be used in big and small ways for Him.

If you would like to support Halina, please visit her online donation page.

Apples of Gold: Let the Children Come

Every year around Holocaust Remembrance Day, schools would ask Zvi to come and speak to their children about the Holocaust. Zvi was always willing to take these opportunities because normally he could not speak in schools. As he would tell his story, he would explain his faith in the Messiah. Listen as the children ask him questions—important questions—that could change their lives for eternity.

Zvi’s story is available in Elwood McQuaid’s book, “Zvi: The Miraculous Story of Triumph over the Holocaust,” available at our online store.

More stories from Zvi are also available in his book, “The Best of Zvi,” available at our online store.


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