December 1, 2018 | Israel My Glory: In Depth-November/December 2018


Interview: Steve Herzig

We are kicking off this Christmas season with an in-depth look at our most recent issue of Israel My Glory magazine that is all about “When God Became Man.” Steve Herzig stops by to talk about his article, “O Jewish Town of Bethlehem.” The town of Bethlehem is an important town to both the Jewish people and Christians and we’ll learn why that is.

We’ll also learn what might be shocking to some, that this little town is now under Palestinian Authority’s control. What does that mean? Well, Steve will explain how revisionist history is happening in the very town Jesus was born. It’s a bizarre reality but something we need to be aware of.

Israel My Glory Magazine

We believe that understanding sound Bible doctrine does not require a scholarly education and that the Bible can and should be taught to everyone. We also strive to bring you relevant, timely reports about what’s truly happening in the Middle East. And when it comes to current events as they relate to Bible prophecy, we do not sensationalize for the sake of “news” but look at events in light of God’s Word.

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God’s Timing is Perfect

Sometimes it’s hard to see what God is doing in the circumstances we are in, isn’t it? And the holiday season can be especially hard for those of us who are going through a difficult time. In our second segment, Chris shares with us about the perfect timing of God. From the unique way God used Esther to save the Jewish people in the Old Testament, to the perfect timing of Jesus’s birth, God has perfect timing! Be encouraged even when all looks grim or lost, God is at work!


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  1. Love to listen to your messages, especially the one you mentioned where all seems hopeless, I see this in some of my closet family members, yet I know my God is still in control and His timing is Everything. Thank You for your encouraging messages, uphold you in prayers.

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