April 13, 2019 | Passover


Interview: Steve Herzig — The Significance of Passover

In Exodus 12 we find the story of the Passover. We see the Israelites in bondage and although Pharaoh was given many chances to let them go, he refused. Because of this, God said all of Egypt’s first born—humans and animals would die. But through the blood of a lamb over the doorpost, the Israelites would be saved. Then God commanded the Jewish people to remember. And to this day, every spring, Passover is celebrated. It is a time of remembrance and a time to celebrate family.

We invited Steve Herzig, our North American Ministries director into the studio to talk all things Passover. Steve shares the history of Passover, his personal childhood memories growing up in an orthodox Jewish home, but most importantly he shares how the Messiah is in the Passover! We say it often on the program that our Christian faith is because of a Jewish Messiah who celebrated Jewish holidays. And because of this, we should not be surprised that we can see shadows of the Messiah throughout the Old Testament. We pray you are encouraged and your faith is strengthened with Steve’s powerful words today.

To learn more about Passover from Steve and other Friends of Israel workers, download our Spring 2019 Canadian Communiqué

If you are interested in booking a Passover presentation, please go to foi.org/passover2020.

The Feasts of Israel: Seasons of the Messiah

By Bruce Scott

The ministry of Jesus: the cross, the Resurrection, His Second Coming, and His future reign as King and Lord are not only in the New Testament, they are also hidden within the Jewish holidays and feasts of the Old Testament.

The book The Feasts of Israel: Shadows of the Messiah will help you see the fullness of Jesus through the Biblical feasts of Israel.


Apples of Gold: The Pesach Lamb

Every year the Kalisher home was completely full the first evening of Passover. Before the readings, Zvi would talk about the meaning of the holiday and his children played music as everyone would sing. Some in the group were not believers in Jesus and they were skeptical as Zvi followed the tradition of the Seder meal. Hear how Zvi was able to share about the Messiah in their Scriptures, the Old Testament.

Zvi’s story is available in Elwood McQuaid’s book, “Zvi: The Miraculous Story of Triumph over the Holocaust,” available at our online store.

More stories from Zvi are also available in his book, “The Best of Zvi,” available at our online store.


The Friends of Israel Today and Apples of Gold theme music was composed and performed by Jeremy Strong.

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