August 3, 2019 | Interview: Flavia Sevald, Jerusalem Institute of Justice


Interview: Flavia Sevald, Jerusalem Institute of Justice

Here on The Friends of Israel Today, we spend a great deal of time teaching and promoting all things Israel! And this week we want to introduce you to a unique organization in Israel that is working hard to promote human & civil rights through legal & advocacy tools not only in Israel but around the world. The Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ) works hard to ensure every life in Israel is treated with dignity. Today we’ll hear from Flavia Sevald, the CEO of JIJ. 

Flavia will share with us the important and life-saving ways JIJ is working in Jerusalem. With only a small staff of lawyers and researchers, JIJ has taken the Israeli government to court on important matters that involve churches and other houses of worship. They are actively trying to hold the Palestinian Authority responsible for indoctrinating hate and promoting terrorism to their own children. They are also helping Israeli’s who are dealing with injustice by representing them in the courts. And the amazing part? They are doing it for free! 

Why should matters of justice in Israel matter to Christians? Because justice matters to God! 

We were moved by Flavia’s interview and we hope you will be too. If you would like to help JIJ and other important groups in Israel, you can donate to our Israel Relief Fund.

To learn more about the Jerusalem Institute of Justice you can visit their website here:

Israel Relief Fund

In the midst of the beauty of Israel, and growing democracy the people of Israel struggle day-to-day in the land. While enjoying many of the freedoms we do here in North America, they are also a young country with enemies on all sides. 

Through generous gifts like yours, bomb shelters have been placed in Israel’s dangerous areas. ambulances and medical products for Israel’s only blood donation center have been purchased. You can make a difference today!


About Our Guest

Flavia Sevald has served as CEO of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice since 2014. Flavia is originally from Uruguay and has lived in Israel for more than 30 years. Before joining JIJ, she pursued a successful career in the High-Tech industry. Under Flavia’s leadership, JIJ’s activities have developed in Israel and internationally. Flavia has been working together with Knesset Members and the Israeli Government along with the non-profit world to create social reforms for the benefit of Israeli citizens nationwide. Flavia’s inclusiveness of others is a positive example of servant leadership and promotes the growth of a strong team. She believes bettering society is possible through changing lives, one person at a time.

Again, to learn more about the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, please visit


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