October 5, 2019 | IMG In Depth: Sept/Oct – Interview: Jim Showers

Interview: Dr. Jim Showers, “Here We Stand”

When you hear the word “doctrine”, what are your thoughts? Do you think of religious teachings that are often over the average person’s head? Or do you light-up wanting to know more about what people believe? This week we’re sitting down with Dr. Jim Showers, the executive director here at The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry and talking about what our organization believes. In our most recent issue of Israel My Glory magazine, we did something very unique, we broke down our statement of faith or doctrine statement and explained each point in detail. Why are we spending time on these issues? Why are they important? You’ll want to listen to find out. It’s deeper—but also simpler—than you think! 

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Interview: Jim Showers (cont’d), “Remembering Rennie”

Chris continues in our second segment talking to our executive director, Dr. Jim Showers about his uncle and beloved theologian and teacher, Dr. Rennie Showers, or “Uncle Rennie” as Jim affectionately knows him. Dr. Showers was promoted to heaven earlier this year and we can’t wait for you to hear how this giant in the faith obeyed God’s calling on his life at an early age, stayed humble through the years, and impacted generations.

Do you know we have a resource page devoted to the work and ministry of Dr. Renald Showers? We do! Visit foi.org/rshowers to view articles, hear messages, watch videos and purchase materials that Rennie did during his ministry years.

What on Earth is God Doing?

By Renald Showers

You’ll finally understand the war Satan is waging against God and how that conflict affects history, the persecution of Jewish people and Christians, and the direction the world is heading.



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