• Thanks to be God for your ministry here to help Christians understand the Bible better through this crisis.

  • This is a very enlightening ! I also have many questions but am reading the word and it really helps to have it read to me , but it is comforting words because I am a servant of god and know he will come for me and my family! But at the same time I have a hard time trying to tell my 21 year old son what the proper way is for him to start a life that may end sooner than later!

  • I listen to your broadcast each week, or read it on your website. I’m so grateful to you for your teachings. Strait from the word of God do you speak. I also feel God spoke to me, we well get through this, but it is a warning to repent and call on his name. We must ask for forgiveness as only he can give. This is confirmation of his words to me.

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