October 10, 2020 | Interview: Steve Herzig, Update on Israel & the Middle East


Interview: Steve Herzig, Israel & the Middle East

Israel has sure been busy lately. This week we’re covering the most encouraging development in the region: Israel’s recent peace deals with the United Arab Emirates and with Bahrain, which we’re discussing with Steve Herzig, our director of North American Ministries here at The Friends of Israel.  As positive as the agreements are, they may be just the beginning of a greater chain of events soon to come in the region. 

The success of these deals shows Israel’s ability to identify and overcome what Prime Minister Netanyahu considers “failed strategies of the past.” We’ll determine what those strategies were and how Israel can continue its run of good news. A large part of this success hinges on the Palestinians and their relationships with Israel and the Arab world. As always, we’ll provide a biblical look at these issues with Scripture to learn how to accurately assess these recent happenings.

The Case for Zionism

By Thomas Ice

Our love for the nation of Israel drives us here at The Friends of Israel. But just why should we as Christians support Israel?

Thomas Ice answers this question thoroughly in his book The Case for Zionism. Though some evangelical communities have begun to abandon modern Israel and its importance in Bible prophecy, this book counters that movement, explaining why Zionism is more important than ever.



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