January 16, 2021 | Ministry Highlight: Timothy Rabinek and Eastern European Relief

Ministry Highlight: Timothy Rabinek & Mike Stallard, Eastern European Relief

We’re directing our attention this week to an often forgotten part of the world—Eastern Europe. The Jewish people in this region often suffer hardship and need the love of God in their lives. That’s where our International Ministries team comes in! They provide physical care and spiritual comfort to these people in Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus.

To discuss this arm of our ministry overseas, we check in with Mike Stallard, director of International Ministries for The Friends of Israel, and Timothy Rabinek, our field representative serving in Poland. Timothy has some encouraging details about his ministry in Eastern Europe. He shares the plight of the Jewish people to whom he ministers, the work he does as an ambassador for Christ, his vision for the Jewish community in Eastern Europe, and the ways you can partner with him!

If you’d like to support Timothy and his ministry in Eastern Europe, please Click Here.

To learn more about our Eastern European Relief Fund, please Click Here.

Zvi: The Miraculous Story Of Triumph Over the Holocaust

By Elwood McQuaid

The Friends of Israel’s best-selling book Zvi: The Miraculous Story of Triumph Over the Holocaust tells an incredible story of inspiration. Separated from his parents and forced to face the trials of Hitler’s Nazi regime, Holocaust survivor Zvi Kalisher triumphed against all odds and found his way to Israel and faith in the Messiah. 

His life was filled with incredible moments of courage and faithfulness. It will touch your life, as you’ll find it difficult to put down!



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  1. We have been a part of Timothy’s support team for several years. Thank you for inteviewing him. It was great to hear his voice. We do pray for his ministry and family.

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