April 24, 2021 | Feeding Modern Israel’s Poor the Biblical Way

Interview: Joseph Gitler, Leket Israel

This week we’re introducing you to Joseph Gitler, the founder and chairman of Leket Israel, the national food bank of Israel. Joseph has won all kinds of awards and received many accolades. He’s even been named one of the 50 most influential Jewish people in the world. But it’s the work he’s doing with Leket Israel to feed the poor and needy in Israel that will amaze you the most. Learn more about this impactful nonprofit from the man himself!

To learn more about Leket Israel and support the work, visit Leket.org.

Read how we have partnered with Leket Israel through our Israel Relief Fund in our blog post, “How You Can Bless God’s Chosen People During This Pandemic.”

The Common Thread DVD Bible Study

Way back in the beginning of the Old Testament God made a promise that changed the trajectory of one man’s life. In our new bible study DVD, The Common Thread, you’ll begin to see how that very same promise impacts you! 

Travel through the Holy Land with this DVD as our host Chris Katulka traces God’s faithfulness from Abraham to you!


Update on Israel Elections

If you think American politics are divided, Israel is no different! Late last March, Israel held its 4th election in two years and so many questions remain. Will political stability finally be found in Israel or are they headed to the ballot box again for a fifth election? How many parties are needed to form the government? Is Benjamin Netanyahu losing power and influence? And could a religious conservative Jewish party and an Islamic party actually help decide Netanyahu’s future? Chris Katulka explains all of this and more in this week’s in-depth look into Israel elections.

Apples of Gold: Worlds Apart

Zvi was walking along the beach when he met two disheveled and distraught men. They explained that they had done so many bad things that God could never possibly forgive them. They wondered, “How could God ever love such insignificant people like us?” However, after an honest conversation and some truth from Scripture, Zvi helped change their worldview in a way they never imagined.


The Friends of Israel Today and Apples of Gold theme music was composed and performed by Jeremy Strong.

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