May 8, 2021 | The Ultimate Ending, Part 1

The Ultimate Ending, Part 1

This week’s topic is not for the faint of heart: We’re studying the end of the world over the next two weeks! But we’re not talking about the destruction of the physical earth. Over the next two weeks, Chris walks us through Revelation 17 and 18 with a look at how the pandemic shaped our perspective on the end of the world and how God plans to bring that to pass.

To understand these chapters, we’ll have to understand John’s heart for Jesus and His Kingdom. We’ll explore how the end of the world relates to our society and the secularism that surrounds us. Our hope is that this study will not scare you but rather give you greater confidence than you’ve ever had in the Lord’s plan for our eternal future!

The Ultimate Ending DVD

If you fear the future or struggle to understand the end times, don’t miss this powerful study of the book of Revelation! With eight sessions of biblical truth from our popular speakers at The Friends of Israel, you can find clarity, peace, and wisdom through these teachings of God’s Word.


Apples of Gold: We Want to Know More

Zvi was talking to his Arab neighbors. These men admittedly hate their Jewish neighbors and teach their children to kill them—all because they want the land of Israel. Zvi asked them if they knew the conflict between the Arabs and the Jewish people was in the Bible. They were curious as he showed them the Scriptures. Then Zvi’s neighbors realized his Bible he was holding contained the New Testament. Many more questions followed this realization, and Zvi was able to share about his faith in Jesus.


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  1. Hallo. I listen to your Bible teaching every Saturday morning to work and I am trying to study the Bible on my own. When I heard you talk about free reading material of the book of revelation, I was thrilled. I am kindly requesting it from you so that I can understand it fully. Thank you.( ultimate ending) .Please reply and let me know how I can get it.

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