July 10, 2021 | Jerusalem in Prophecy: Interview with Jim Showers

Interview: Jim Showers

Jerusalem in Prophecy, our exciting, 3-day, online conference, is just around the corner! This week’s radio program offers a taste of what you can look forward to on July 18–20. Our show begins with an interview with Jim Showers, executive director of The Friends of Israel, who will open and close the conference. On this week’s episode he’ll share his reason for choosing to study Jerusalem, why a psalm about Jerusalem should matter to you, and what you can expect from our conference.

Chris will also be speaking at this conference, but this week he’s breaking down the new prime minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett. The United States plays a significant part in his background, as does software technology and Israel’s former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Bennett’s mixed bag of platforms and positions demonstrate what a wide-ranging political spectrum Israel has—and his position on the prospect of a Palestinian state is crucial to Israel’s future! Don’t miss this week’s episode full of information and excitement!

Jerusalem in Prophecy Online Conference

July 18-20, 2021

Discover the fate of Jerusalem in our special 3-day, 12-session online conference! You’ll learn through Scripture what has made this city the subject of world powers’ attention throughout history, what is still to come, and how God is guiding its destiny.


Apples of Gold: It Is Possible If God Wills It

Zvi recounts a time when he was invited to a bar mitzvah. While celebrating with a friend, an opportunity also came up to continue a conversation about Christ with a few Orthodox men Zvi had spoken to previously. Although his listeners weren’t initially open to hearing about Jesus, Zvi was joined by an older man who wasn’t like the others.  Listen to how Zvi shared his faith with these men and how the older man brought a new perspective to the conversation.


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