July 24, 2021 | Kidron Saga, Part 1

Kidron Saga, Part 1: The Garden of Eden

Two of the most important mountains in the world are found in Jerusalem: Mount Moriah and the Mount of Olives. But it’s the Kidron Valley sitting between them that has so much to teach us about God’s pursuit of you and me!

Chris opens up an awesome six-week series on the Kidron Valley starting way back at the beginning of creation in the Garden of Eden. This perfect sanctuary was more than a beautiful home for Adam and Eve; it was where God chose to dwell with humanity as well as a place of worship. 

But why is Eden still significant in your future? How do history and prophecy come together here and in the Kidron Valley, the focus of this spectacular study? Keep listening this week and for the rest of the series to learn incredible truths about our great God and the prophecy He’s given us to understand our future!

Jerusalem in Prophecy Online Conference

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Discover the fate of Jerusalem in this special  online conference! You’ll learn through Scripture what has made this city the subject of world powers’ attention throughout history, what is still to come, and how God is guiding its destiny. 


Apples of Gold: From Silence and Sorrow to Joyful Singing

Zvi visited his mother-in-law in the hospital. As he looked around, he saw so many faces full of sorrow and hopelessness, people who were just waiting to die. He realized the opportunity he had to reach a hurting group of people in need of the truth of God’s Word. Though the people knew the Old Testament, their hearts were just waiting to be opened to the true glory of God’s Word. Hear how Zvi brought hope to many people who had been seeking it for so long.


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  1. I just heard this morning Kidron Saga part 1 and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What was very interesting was the reading you did from Apples of Gold. Is this a book that can be bought; if so how can I obtain it? Thank you.

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