July 31, 2021 | Kidron Saga, Part 2

Kidron Saga, Part 2: The Tabernacle

The presence of God in our lives as believers makes our relationship with Him so special. But throughout history, God has dwelled with His people physically in several ways, which we’re learning about in our 6-part Kidron Valley series. 

Last week we learned about the first place God dwelled with man—in the Garden of Eden. This week takes us through Israel’s history in the wilderness and the Tabernacle, the place of worship where God dwelled with His people. From its design to its purpose, everything about the Tabernacle was designed to display God’s glory in a way the Israelites could behold. Enjoy this program about the presence of God in the Tabernacle and how it ties to Israel’s Kidron Valley!

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Apples of Gold: Unholy Fire

When Zvi came home from serving in the army, he and his family visited a town where they were burning books. He noticed New Testament Bibles in the fire. He asked why they were burning Holy Scriptures, and they proclaimed it was filled with lies. Brokenhearted, Zvi took one out of the fire and read to them from Hebrews 11 and other Scriptures. The people listened to the truth of God’s Word, and God changed a rabbi’s heart through Zvi’s bold faith.


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